The Decennial Book – #ALA10

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African Leadership Academy celebrates it’s 10th birthday this year! This milestone has been celebrated in a variety of ways, one being in the form of a new publication that shares the stories of ALA and its graduates. The year 2018  marks the first decade of a century-long project: the development of an enduring, pan-African institution that will enable lasting peace and shared prosperity by identifying, developing and connecting Africa’s next generation of ethical leaders. ALA is no longer an audacious idea: it is a thriving institution with a passionate and diverse network of young leaders committed to this vision.

ALA’s graduates have gone on to attend leading universities across the world, acquiring deep expertise, global perspectives, and powerful networks. ALA’s Decennial (and this publication) is an opportunity for us to celebrate the growth and successes of the Academy and its graduates, reflect on what we have learned, and, importantly, look forward and invest in ALA and Africa’s future.

Read and learn about the Academy’s journey, when ALA was just an idea till we opened our doors  to welcome the first class in 2008. Learn about the programmes we have that support our graduates long after they leave ALA, the summer camp programme for young global leaders that was launched in 2011. In the years leading up to this celebration, ALA has welcomed global youth to discuss policy issues impacting Africa; 2015 was the opening of the Nelson Mandela Residences that expands our student body to more than 45% and accommodating more teachers  and in 2017 we opened the Pardee Learning Commons, ALA’s state of the art facility for teaching and learning.

As ALA continues to evolve, we invite you on this journey with us. Read below and enjoy!