Careers and Internships Program

Established in partnership with The MasterCard Foundation, Africa Careers Network (ACN) connects outstanding young talent from African Leadership Academy and The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program to career and internship opportunities across Africa.

The African continent stands at the brink of an era of unprecedented growth and transformation. However, despite positive growth prospects, organizations across Africa struggle to identify and retain top caliber local talent. ACN seeks to facilitate Africa’s economic and social development through Africa’s youth, enabling our network of young leaders to give back to their communities through internships, and to engage with potential employers. We provide organizations with early access to a pipeline of entrepreneurial young leaders with a pan-African outlook. In 2014, ACN placed our students in over 200 internships on the African continent. We managed to place 96% of our graduates in jobs, graduate school or entrepreneurial ventures. More than two thirds of those placements were on the African continent.

Africa Careers Network has over 400 partner organisations from over 35 countries. With access to a steady pipeline of top talent, many of these partners have taken interns for several running years and some have begun to translate successful internship partnerships into career offers for our young leaders who possess world-class talent coupled with local know-how.

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