Founders Day Sports Carnival: ALA Campus Life Returns 

The 2022 Founders Day Sport Carnival marked a welcome return to vibrant life on campus. In the wake of the lockdown restrictions, it had not been possible to host gatherings of this nature, but this year saw the return of the much-anticipated occasion. 

Founders Day at ALA is a celebration of the visionary founders who launched this academy 14 years ago. Students and teachers are divided into houses – named after Africa’s famous big rivers – and compete in various athletic and team sports including football, basketball, netball, sprints and middle distances. Students in particular enjoyed the students vs staffulty basketball game, showing how Sports Carnival is not just about the competition, but also fun and bonding with the ALA community.  

The return of Sports Carnival this year had to happen partially indoors thanks to the strong summer rain, but the students took to the table tennis, foosball, and billiards with enthusiasm, as they cheered their competing housemates.  

“I enjoy the return of normal life to campus, and the rituals and traditions that had to be put on hold during the pandemic. As always, I’m inspired by the energy of young people,” said Dean Hatim Eltayeb.  

See photos of the 2022 Founders Day Sports Carnival: 

See the video of the 2022 Founders Day Sports Carnival: