Join a Student Enterprise Board

A cornerstone of the ALA experience is the Student Enterprise Program which sees all Year Two ALA students running businesses or non-profit organizations for a full year, providing them with hands-on training in leadership, entrepreneurship and management and preparing them to pursue leadership and entrepreneurial opportunities on the continent.

Partner with Africa Careers Network

Established in partnership with The MasterCard Foundation, Africa Careers Network (ACN) connects outstanding young talent from African Leadership Academy and The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program to career and internship opportunities across Africa.


Become a host family to graduates

Most of the young leaders from ALA decide to pursue university or gap year studies in either North America or Europe after graduating from the Academy. Graduate Hosts play an important role in this transition to life after ALA.

Join Our Educator Program

The GSP Educator Program provides the opportunity for certified professional development in the emerging field of youth Entrepreneurial Leadership education. For educators, this program presents an opportunity to see a new model of learning within residential programs. Those who join us will become part of our BUILD certified educators, helping to create an unforgettable experience for students who join our Global Scholars Program.

educator program

Host an ALA event

As part of our lifelong engagement model, ALA supports our graduates attending university and working abroad through a variety of events throughout the year including conferences, regional reunions and supporter events. We are able to keep our ALA community connected with the help of our dedicated supporters, Graduate Host Families, and regional Chapters in the U.S.

Join Our Team

To achieve our mission of developing the next generation of African leaders, ALA has attracted a diverse “staffulty” (staff and faculty) of global change makers: world-class professionals who share our values and passion for Africa and her youth.


Nominate A Young Leader

Twenty percent of the young leaders at ALA are brought to our attention by community members who nominate them. You may know a young leader between the ages of 16-19 years who has shown leadership potential in your community.

Sponsor a young leader at ALA

A powerful way to develop future leadership for Africa is to directly invest in the leaders themselves – by providing sponsorships for students from disadvantaged communities to attend ALA.


Add your name to the legacy

Add your personal footprint to the legacy of ALA by funding a room, hall, wing or building to be named in your honor as we expand and refurbish our campus for the next generation of Africa’s leaders.

Donate in Kind/Services

If you are interested in rendering you services or in-kind donations, we are always looking for mission-driven institutions or companies to partner with. We would appreciate donations/discounts enabling our Operations, IT, Marketing or Educational programs.