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Develop the next generation of African leaders

To achieve our mission of developing the next generation of African leaders, ALA has attracted a diverse “staffulty” (staff and faculty) of global change makers: world-class professionals who share our values and passion for Africa and her youth.

Working at ALA means being part of a diverse community with the opportunity to create, innovate, and drive our shared commitment to enable lasting peace and shared prosperity in Africa by identifying, developing and connecting the continent’s future leaders.

See below for testimonials and statistics of current and past staffulty members who will always be part of the ALA family.



Hear from Current and Past Staffulty


Hatim Eltayeb

Dean of the Academy

"I came to ALA intending to stay for a year, learn some new skills and see another part of the African continent. I’ve now spent 7 years at ALA (over two stints) and I’m not done learning. The daily motivation of coming to work as part of an intentional community is deeply enriching. As is the reward of being challenged by students and peers who are thoughtful, committed and driven. I am also grateful for the many opportunities to laugh."


Lara Rabiu

Investment Professional at Oppenheimer Partners

"The ALA experience sets you apart. The speed of professional growth you achieve, the unique opportunities you gain and the connections you make are unparalleled! ALA was definitely accretive to my professional experience. I went from being the CFO of ALA to getting three offers as a first-time investment professional in private equity."


Uzo Agyare-Kumi

Dean of Global Programs and Parents

"Working at ALA has been one of the most fulfilling experiences I have enjoyed in my lifetime. I have the opportunity to work with teams of talented and committed people that inspire me to live my best life all day, every day. My most cherished experience at ALA is being part of a community that cares deeply and with intention for its own, just like a family would. Some of my closest friends are people I work with every day.  I remain inspired by their commitment towards mission building for the continent and our community."


Shashanka Rao

Growth & Strategy at Toddle

"I felt appreciated and loved each day at ALA. Thank you for allowing me to mentor and care for our young leaders on campus. I am privileged and humbled to play a role (albeit, small) in defining the future of the continent and this world. Thank you for teaching me how to dream for a better continent, to celebrate my "Global South" identity, and care for each other without restraint. I am grateful for the lessons in leadership, humility, and excellence that I have learnt over the past two years. And for these invaluable gifts, I shall remain forever indebted."



Kofoworola Kuyinu

Assistant Dean for Pastoral Care

"Working at ALA affords me the opportunity to meet with, and be part of the experience of each one of our students through the totality of our pastoral care programmes. Students who on arrival are so confused and reticent, develop social skills that enable them to become better communicators and collaborators within a short time through the various spaces that our programming created for this. Seeing the strong bonds that develop among students and adults while at ALA,  and the connection I personally have with them beyond the Two Year Programme makes me glad and fulfilled."


Nkembo Kiala

Entrepreneurial Leadership Faculty

"Work is not always about getting the task done. There is more meaning to working at ALA. From my experience, there is a deliberate attempt to get to know the person that you are working with. This opens the opportunity to leverage each other's strengths and build on each other's weaknesses as growth areas. This is how I see collaboration thriving at ALA."

Lucy Luo 307x439

Lucy Luo

Masters candidate at Harvard Kennedy School

"I have started a Masters program at the Harvard Kennedy School focusing on international development and policy making (with two ALA alumni as my classmates). Everything I have learned from ALA, our students, and from all of you has given me a unique perspective to bring to the conversations with my classmates and colleagues. For that, I am deeply grateful, and I hope to continue to contribute to ALA’s vision of lasting peace and shared prosperity in disadvantaged parts of the world in my academic and professional journey."


Mopati Morake

Head of Department Writing & Rhetoric

"I came to ALA for the students, but I stayed because of the colleagues – the staff and faculty who are the heartbeat of this place. With them, I get to learn every day. I get to be challenged and I get to grow.

With them, the work is more fun. The work becomes more meaningful because it is done with people I care about."

Who We Are: Current and Past Staffulty

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Develop the next generation of African leaders