Nominate a young leader

Twenty percent of the young leaders at ALA are brought to our attention by community members who nominate them. You may know a young leader at secondary school who has shown leadership potential in your community. We accept nominations for high school students with potential from as young as 13 years old.

Why nominate?

  • Develop – Participate in developing Africa’s next generation of transformational leaders
  • Discover – Help a student discover a life-changing opportunity that they weren’t  aware of before
  • Reward – Reward students for incredible achievements, commitment to service, passion for Africa, and leadership potential

Who should I nominate?

What does a nomination do?

  • We use your information to connect the student directly to ALA’s application resources
  • Nominations help us find the best and brightest young leaders on the African continent

How to nominate?

  • Fill out the nomination form below and we’ll follow up with you and the student
  • If you are a parent or a prospective applicant, you do not need to fill the nomination form. You may simply proceed to submit an application.


ALA has proven itself to be a pivotal experience for young people with ambitious hopes and dreams to one day play significant roles in shaping the future of Africa. As a parent mentor and teacher, I have had the unique opportunity of nominating students to apply to ALA and following them as they encounter themselves, their passions and unique talents. 

The person who enrolls in ALA for any program is definitely not the same person who emerges at the end of the course…..the metamorphosis into a ‘game changer’ is something words alone cannot do.

 – Monica Lewis, ALA Parent

I was really surprised, when a friend and a parent (at ALA) referred my daughter to ALA. Parents are always proud of their kids and always think that their kids will become successful and be major achievers in life. Therefore imagine my surprise, when Sian was nominated by a friend (and Parents) to  African Leadership Academy because of her academic and leadership abilities. We had almost  no knowledge of ALA, however once we were approached to apply, I started my research.

 I discovered a warm and welcoming institution that was passionate about education  (and making a difference) – They were open to questions, they put me in touch with Alumni parents, they walked us through the process and made us (as a family) aware of the changes (i.e. northern hemisphere school year, Cambridge levels, etc). However when people acknowledge your child by quoting these words  “we believe that you (my daughter) have the potential to transform the African continent” – you do not just get excited, you also want to make a contribution to the African continent.

I  encourage anyone to look within their communities and networks for young men and women with Potential to become great African leaders. Follow your heart – it will guide you in identifying these African leaders amongst us. They will become the new role models for an African Renaissance.

 – Dino Phillips, ALA Parent

Young Leader Nomination Form: